This section is for downloading certain content. With the exception of Rick's Utilities, the downloads should only be attempted by pre-arrangement. Without having contacted me in advance, you will not likely get anything useful.

When you click on the download links below, you will download a file on whose contents we have previously agreed. The file names will be:

"" for EDMS.
"" for you.

Rick's Utilities are programs I have written which might be of interest to you, if you are a Windows PC user. They solve a variety of little problems I've encountered over the years. Should you choose to try them, please read 'readme.txt' in the zip file you will download for installation instructions.

List of Programs in Rick's Utilities

Driveletter.exe assigns drive letters according to what you want. It will remount those that are wrong.

Wallpaper_Changer.exe takes your photos, converts them to bmp’s and displays them like a wallpaper slideshow.

OpenCD.exe will open CD drives and, in some cases will close them.

Clean.exe deletes file and folders from paths you specify. Multi threaded for speed.

Clearspooler.exe will empty a printer that has gone wild.

Hpmath.exe has a nice algebraic parser and will calculate to a precision of two billion.

Daysuntil.exe will quickly calculate days between dates, dates so many days before/after and day of week.

VMSsearch.exe is a specialized text search utility that will display lines before/after the match.

Bcopy.exe is a recorded storage media synchronization program.

Repair contains third party utilities that I download for friends' computers to help fix them.

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